About Us

The all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Federation of Yoga” (UFY) is a union of independent yoga centers, instructors, practitioners and yoga students.

Educational program:

  • Hatha yoga.

  • Hatha yoga styles: for women, dynamic, power, therapeutic and others.

  • Construction of individual medical and health-improving complexes.

  • Yogic cleansing procedures.

  • Herbal medicine.

  • The basics of healing.

  • Chakral psychodiagnosis.

  • The development of the chakra system.

  • Power and extreme training.

  • Esoterics of relationships.

  • Diagnosis and elimination of unnatural forms of behavior.

  • Techniques of social interactions.

  • Jnana Yoga and intellectual training.

  • Meditation and psycho-practice.

  • Psychology, cultural studies and philosophy in the context of yoga.

  • Yoga for middle aged (35+).

  • Prasu Yoga for pregnant ladies.

  • Yoga travel.

UFY President


Esoteric, thinker, traveler.

One of the most acknowledged yoga experts in the CIS, recognized by both esoteric and scientific community.

The author of the blog “Yoga Sutra: Commentary by the Modern Mystic”.

More details

The Ukrainian Federation of Yoga Founder and President

We are united by

  • practice in one tradition;

  • interest in yoga;

  • unified methodology for teaching yoga;

  • mutual respect and friendship.

Our goals

  • promoting yoga and healthy lifestyle;

  • harmonization of relations between person, society and nature;

  • teaching self-improvement of the physical and psychological state of students by yoga methods and practices.

The basis of understanding yoga in UFY is the definition given by the president of UFY, Andrey Safronov.

The same definition underlies the methodology of teaching yoga in the Federation

Whom is the program of the UFY suitable for?

All those aged 20-35 who wish to study yoga and have no contraindications, can do the course of “Classic Yoga”.

Those who want to do yoga and aged 35-50 can do the course called “Vriddhi Yoga”.

“Yoga therapy” is for those who wish to do a short yoga training course (starting from 3 months).

For pregnant women it’s advisable to take a “Prasu yoga” course

“Kaya yoga” is a subsystem of Hatha yoga aimed at physical and aesthetic development of a body. Everyone aged 20-55 can practice it.

“Sandhaana yoga” is a dynamic style of hatha yoga, created to work with the zones of chakra projections on a body. Studying is available for people aged 20-55.

Where can you do the study programme of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga?

You can find The UFY instructors in the following countries: Austria, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Netherlands, UAE, Poland, France, Estonia.

Cities in Ukraine where you can find the branches of the UFY : Vinnytsya, Dnieper, Kyiv, Lviv, Mariupol, Odessa, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv, Cherkassy, Chernihiv, Chernivtsi.

Cities of the world where the UFY instructors teach: Amsterdam, Baden, Bat Yam, Vienna, Dortmund, Dubai, Krakow, Paris, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Tula, Eindhoven.