Classical yoga

Hatha yoga exercises (asanas and pranayamas) change our state of psyche via the body. We practice yoga to have a deeper understanding of our nature, our capabilities and desires guiding us through life.

Meditation practices are tools for searching and changing your own behavioral stereotypes, life position and worldview.

Classical yoga is a system of methods for individual and conscious self-change.

The aim of the “Classical yoga” branch is to make a practitioner stronger and happier by consciously and independently improving one’s physical and psychological state.

The education program includes:

  • Hatha yoga (asanas, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, kriyas), upbuilding the individual complex.
  • Niyama - cleansing techniques.
  • Jnana Yoga - techniques for developing intelligence.
  • Bhakti Yoga - development of the emotional sphere.
  • Karma Yoga - techniques for social development.
  • Self-actualization techniques.
  • Meditation techniques.
  • Development of the chakra system.
  • And others.

Vriddhi Yoga. Yoga for the mature

The Vriddhi Yoga branch is called the Sanskrit word वृद्धि vriddhi, which means "mature, wise, increased, having reached the maximum manifestation."

Vriddhi yoga is a system of methods within Classical yoga, taking into account features of body and lifestyle of people aged 35-50.


Yogatherapy is a system of methods for maintaining and restoring practitioner's health.

Yogatherapy methods include asanas (physical exercises), pranayamas (breathing exercises), joint gymnastics, mudras, bandhas.

The training program also includes meditative practices, as human health depends on the current psycho-emotional background. Conscious work both with the body and with emotions allows practitioner to achieve long-term results.

Prasu Yoga. Yoga for pregnant

Prasu yoga is yoga for pregnant women

The purpose of this branch is to prepare students for childbirth and motherhood.

The training program includes:

  • Special aspects of yoga practice during pregnancy.
  • Principles of natural delivery.
  • Yogic ways to restore woman’s body after childbirth.
  • Secrets of breastfeeding.
  • Principles of harmonious development of children.
  • And others.

Kaya yoga

Kaya yoga (काययोग, translated from Sanskrit - “body control”) is a system of Hatha yoga aimed at physical and aesthetic development of the body.

An important skill that is formed while practicing Kaya yoga is the conscious muscle work. That is, the ability to adjust the degree of shortening, strength and power of contraction of selected muscles. Kaya yoga practices are gradually moving from the control of local, particular muscle zones to comprehensive muscle work of the whole body.

Sandhaana yoga

Sandhaana Yoga is a modern dynamic style of Hatha yoga. It is comprised of a series of vinyasas (dynamic complexes) aimed at working out various zones of chakra projections in the body.