From the very first days of war the rooms of our Shakti Yoga Shala / Sensation Dance Studio at 20, Zaliznychna str., Lviv, have been rearranged into a Volunteers’ center and a Shelter for internally relocated people.


Our team of yogis, dancers and their friends:

❑ look for food and other supplies from Europe, arrange for their delivery to the warehouse in Lviv and further distribution among hot-spots, military and civilian people and children;

❑ search for medicines from Europe and bring them to Ukraine for further deliveries to military hospitals and maternity centers;

❑ welcome the refugees, provide them with beds, food and care. Currently, our dance and yoga studio at 20, Zaliznychna str. in Lviv accommodates ca. 60 relocated persons;

❑ help to find lodging in Lviv to people who have left or lost their homes;

❑ help dancers who have left the country to find housing and work in Europe.


Our team organizes and delivers free classes on self-defense, pre-medical aid, yoga, martial arts, dance for children and adults: the relocated people staying in our shelter and in Lviv in general, for volunteers and the students of our studios. We teach:

❑ yoga,

❑ tactic self-defense and martial arts,

❑ courses on emergency and combat first aid;

❑ dance classes for refugees children,

❑ woo-shoo for children.


Our main expenses include:

❑ The shelter monthly maintenance: tenancy and heating, eventual replacement of matrasses and bedclothes, laundry service (bedclothes, towels), running water, electricity, pot water, daily dry and wet cleaning (the rooms cleaner and the expendables);

❑ Instructors fees: All classes, being free for attendees, are delivered by instructors and volunteers who have in fact lost their regular income due to wartime. Many of them are also temporarily relocated persons coming from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and other Ukrainian cities, who currently have to make their living and dwelling in Lviv.

❑ Maintenance of the volunteers’ team (yoga and dance students, locals as well as relocated), who manage all logistics and accommodation processes, run the center, take care of the dwellers’ needs, provide for our social networking etc. They have also lost their regular income, while the relocated members of the team additionally have to cope with their lodging and daily needs.

The team consists of: 5 administrative managers of the refugees center working 24/7 in shifts, a warehouse keeper, a doctor looking for the center dwellers’ health, a chef who runs the process of meals provision, a cameraman and designer.

Requisites to help the shelter



Children's classes

First aid courses

Self-defense and behavior in dangerous situations courses