What is yoga?

“We understand yoga as a multi-faceted esoteric system where working with the body, psychotherapy, medicine, philosophy, social training and culturology are intertwined”.

Detailed answers to the question "What is yoga?" in the video of the open lecture "History of Yoga" of Andrey Safronov, the President of Ukrainian Federation of Yoga.

What do we teach at UFY?

Our curriculum is based on research, books, articles and educational courses created by our instructors.

Basic yoga curriculum consists of the following:

  • principles of correct and safe practice;

  • theory of chakras’ system and methods of chakras’ development;

  • psychological workshops and meditative practices for modern society;

  • emotional management practices;

  • asanas: hatha yoga postures;

  • pranayamas: breathing exercises;

  • meditation practices: working with psycho-emotional wellbeing;

  • cleansing techniques: illnesses’ prevention;

  • chakral workshops.

Where to start doing yoga?

Instructors of the Ukrainian Federation of Yoga teach in 13 countries.

There are a number of courses within the School:

  • Classical yoga

  • Vriddhi yoga

  • Yoga therapy

  • Pregnancy yoga

  • Kaya yoga

  • Sandhaana yoga

How to start doing yoga at the UFY?

Information about new classes is on the pages of the branches and of the courses. In order to start, please contact the instructor you would like to begin or continue education with.

Who can start studying at the UFY?

Classical yoga is a course for people between 20 and 35 years old. Our unique curriculum means that practitioners with experience of other yoga styles and schools would benefit from joining the course from the beginning.

Vriddhi yoga is a course for people aged 35 to 50 who would like to do yoga.

Yoga therapy is a short course for those who would like to learn and practise therapeutic yoga techniques (3 months min).

For pregnant women Prasu yoga course is recommended.

Contraindications for doing yoga.

What do you need for the first class?

  • To book your space

  • Yoga mat

  • Notebook and a pen

  • Comfortable clothes

  • No contraindications

  • 2 hours of your time